Mueller Investigation Revived!?  The Roger Stone WikiLeaks Connection: 1 Day – 3 New Attacks!


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Our great Republic is under attack, have no doubt about it!  Just let the daily back and forth of fresh new attacks on President Trump serve as proof and evidence.  In a rare counter strike an investigation is launched into Politico and more importantly Adam Schiff.  A 25 million dollar liable case…should be major news, it’s not…at least as far as the MSM is concerned.  However, and as no surprise, magically Schiff and his Globalist party launch 3 retaliation strikes…an IRS investigation, two ‘pro-Trump’ jurors removal from testimony and then the grand daddy of nukes…re-opening a portion of the Mueller Hoax / Fraud investigation.  This is not a test, a joke or a scam…this was just one day of what is now the Patriot – Globalist war report.

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