Restricted Exclusive: Trump’s True Genius Is THIS PLAN: Few Realize Exists:  Here’s Why He’s The NWO’s Public Enemy #1! 


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  The genius of President Trump is actually in the details of his unhinged behavior (by design), his unfiltered tweets (as planned) and his ‘don’t care what you think’ demeanor (the true genius of his plan).  We know we didn’t elect an angel, at this time in history we can’t afford one; but very few have come to realize his FULL PLAN.  We are going to discuss it in great length, from NATO to SWIFT BANKING SYSTEM you will soon realize Trump is actually a genius in his attack on the true enemy of America…the New World Globalist Order!

Thank you so much for joining us at Restricted Republic!  This is truly one of the last bastions of Free Speech, Unfiltered News and AGENDA FREE Press!!

God Speed and God Bless,

Lisa & Justus

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  1. Exklusiv eingeschränkt: Trumps wahres Genie ist DIESER PLAN: Nur wenige erkennen, dass es ihn gibt: Deshalb ist er der öffentliche Feind der NWO -

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