TRUMP NO!!  The RED FLAGS Are Coming!!  The RED FLAGS Are Coming! 

What He Just Said Indicates A Horrific Turning Point In American History!

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We are now at a turning point in American history…a devastating one.  The quote reads, “I am directing the Department of Justice to work in partnership with local state and federal agencies, as well as social media companies, to develop tools that can detect mass shooters before they strike,” President Trump.  Let that sink in for a second…did your blood just begin to boil?  He is going to utilize the very people who discriminate, ban, censor, suppress and remove to give early warning to who is good and who is bad?  I would liken this in history to giving Hitler a Nuclear bomb and telling him not to use it!  AMERICA WAKE UP, this will bring in the TAPS Act, Precognitive LAW and the END OF AMERICA.  This knee jerk reaction to the deplorable events that just happened will truly spell the end of our great Republic, once and for all.


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  1. This is huge! This (potus), the fbi doc, and congress passing red flag laws will have a huge chilling effect on free speech, as no one is going to be able to comment anywhere without towing the leftist / satanist line and being extremely polite lest they think you’re extreme. No negative talk aloud. Or, you could end up with a dozen armed govthugs crashing through your door to take your guns. The abuse that can take place here is phenomenal. This is 100% backdoor gun confiscation, and round ups of non-leftist satanic thinkers (conservatives and Christians).



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