RUSSIAN RETALIATION IMMINENT!!  What Did They Just Do?!? NATO ‘Accidentally’ EXPOSED Us!!

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What did NATO just do?!  They took one of the worst secrets in the World, that we have plausible deniability and wrote it out in black and white for the World to see.  There are some things best left unsaid, white lies that don’t expose the specific hypocrisy of words and actions.  Unfortunately now, due to the action of one of our ‘friends’, one of our enemies is infuriated!  What happens next…no one truly knows, but Russia will exact its vengeance…one way or another.


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3 replies

  1. Justus,

    The screen for today’s (July 18) was blacked out, but I was able to hear the audio version.

    Putin gets along with Trump O.K. It is the Deep State that concerns Putin. The U.S. Navy is largely controlled by the *DS. * Trump had to “remove” two Vice Admirals who were attempting to initiate conflicts: one in the Mediterranean area and the second in the Northern Pacific. You may have read about the Russian submarine that caught fire in the Pacific. That happened because the Navy tried to “take-it-out” with a direct energy weapon. The Russians retaliated by sending shock waves into the U.S. Navy base at China Lake (earthquake near Ridgecrest, California) causing extensive damage to the underground facilities.

    Putin is warning the Deep State they are prepared to attack the nuclear bases you mentioned in your latest broadcast because he fears the* DS* who wants war is prepared to start one. The DS is being exposed more and more each day and the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our government to the extent that it has is very concerning to Putin.

    Also, all this distraction is not putting any attention on China. Documentation has been “discovered” that they see themselves as the next “go-nation” in the world and are preparing militarily to invade the USA and grab the 148 trillion dollars in mineral assets this country has.

    God bless, H. Messinger

    On Thu, Jul 18, 2019 at 9:02 AM Justus Knight News wrote:

    > Justus Knight posted: “Please watch the video below for the full story & > don’t forget to subscribe! What did NATO just do?! They took a one of the > worst secrets in the World, that we have plausible deniability and wrote it > out in black and white for the World to see. Th” >


  2. Wars and rumors of wars……….the world is getting set up for the final showdown, strange events all over the globe, honey bee die off, slaughter of Christians, slaughter of babies up to the day they are born legal in New York State and soon to be other states, sodomite marriage gone mainstream in America and most likely soon, God will say enough! Bring the bride home and then all hell will break loose on this planet. America???? what will happen to her? If God remembers what she was perhaps he will have mercy on this Nation, if he looks at what she is now, the slaughter of babies, forcing other nations to kill babies as well for population control or no federal aid, sodomite marriage, and all that is an abomination to the Lord……..I don’t think she stands a chance. Have faith and hope Christians… day Jesus Christ the Lord, that majestic warrior King, will make all things new again. Is it not written??


  3. America has a BIG LONG NOSE,and because their the stupidest bastards on earth,they LOVE their nose being up the worlds ass…THIS IS A MISTAKE IDIOTS,listen to what the FOUNDING FATHERS TOLD YOU…keep your nose out of the afairs of the world,TO THOSE WHO ARE TRUE AMERICANS,that means MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS…america is a mess,and its your fault…bring your military home and put them on your NORTH AND SOUTH BORDERS,tell the braindead fools,ITS TIME TO HONOR YOUR OATH AND PROTECT AMERICA,LEAVE the rest of the world alone,THEY ARE “NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS”..STOP all hand outs to other countries,you stupid bastards are BROKE,your streets are filled with homeless,YOUR ENTIRE GOVERNMENT AND CORPORATIONS ARE ROTTEN TO THE CORE,but NOOO you have your nose up the worlds ass,and can’t see whats happening down the street from your own house..WAKE UP.WAKE UP..WAKE UP..WAKE UP..or maybe you’d rater have blood in the streets..IF stupid were airplanes,every driveway in america would be an INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT….


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