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The Great American Deception is here!  While they have you embroiled in watching MSM talking points, Twitter feed frenzies and Facebook face-offs they are sowing their web of lies right underneath our noses.  We love to tease AOC for her lack of mental fortitude but don’t think for a minute her ‘script’ is not provided…she may be dumb like a fox.  There are mechanisms at work in her Green New Deal, Bernie’s Medicare for All and Yang’s Basic Income that are backed by an economic theory (hint MMT for short).  The problem with this ‘theory’ is a) it’s really no theory at all and b) best case scenario is Socialism / worst case scenario is immediate bankruptcy, hoarding, food lines and depression.  So don’t let them distract you for too long; this is coming quick! 


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  1. Meh, tell us something we don’t already know or at least a solution. No one seems to have a solution at this point. What the heck are we supposed to do? We are sinking out here into financial oblivion in a sea of wickedness and evil in America and no one has an answer as to how to get out of it. The gubmint is only going to make it worse to the point where we will have 10 bucks left over after taxes. Then what?


    • Frank, we were given a constitutional republic, and everything we need is within. The people have failed to hold their public servants accountable, so now the masters are the slaves. The people chose to abdicate their duties and responsibilities to be perpetual victims of the police/nanny state, an obamination of our God given republic. They aid and abet every plank of the communist manifesto, and participate and enforce the myriad racketeering and extortion schemes which enrich the very thugs who enslave them.

      That sums up and brings us, predictably, to where we are now. I offer my knowledge constantly, but no one wants to take legal and lawful action to restore our republic, and remove all traces of satanically inspired communism. The few that do, suffer and work hard to remain true to God’s gift, but it is too few to make much difference.

      If you want to understand the law, and the way things are set up, and learn about solutions, the inpower movement, which has a website, and a you tube channel. Their video A mass action of liability explains more succinctly, especially for beginners, the truth about our co opted republic, and how they are winning against it, and helping others to do so. The pen is truly mightier than the sword.


      • I understand all that you are saying and then some. Im old as dirt and I have seen the slide into oblivion. Plain and simple America has turned its back on God and all the megachurches make possibly trillions and all that money just seems to disappear along with the truth. Thats just the tip of the iceberg. The only solution at this point is to get right with Jesus. This nation is now completely controlled by demonic forces. Even a child can see that now. I have yet to find anyone that really wants to stand up and do something. Those that you see stand up are either dead or in prison now. Those that claim to stand up and are still living happy lives are controlled opposition.
        Its too late folks. We already lost our country.


    • What would the generations that came before us do ,you know the answer.


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