Trump Just Made HISTORY! Pompeo Unveils ‘RIGHTS’ PANEL! Why Some REJOICE And Others Are INFURIATED!

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You can’t miss this.  Trump has truly made history with his formation of the Unalienable Rights Commission.  The formation of this group has sent shockwaves through Washington.  Some are absolutely rejoicing while others are absolutely infuriated!  Why you may ask?  Once I walk you through the 10 member council you will quickly understand this isn’t about foreign policy; you’ll see quickly why special interest groups are in a panic as to what’s about to happen.  This is information you can’t afford to miss, it is truly history in the making!!


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  1. Justus you were right this gives me hope when I was running out. Praise God for working through you. I can’t thank you enough


  2. IF america does not return to the founding FATHERS commands the whole country will be lost..PERIOD,..NO CATHOLIC CHURCHES,NO MUSLIMS,NO WITCHES,those were the main groups who were forbidden to enter the USA,NEXT UP..NO STANDING ARMIES,the police gang whores must go and be disbanded,the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX must be disbanded,the MEDICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX must be disbanded,THESE DEVILS HAVE TO BE REMOVED OR THE COUNTRY IS can’t be fixed otherwise…..


  3. Viewed the major part of your vid.

    Full stop, as ~2/3rds of the way thru it, simply couldn’t take anymore.

    Mike Pompeo?

    C’mon, dude.

    Seriously? Really?


    Mike Pompeo?


    Why not parade ‘The John’ Bolt-on as a champion of ‘Truth, Justice & the ‘Murikan Way’?


    Drumph’s chumped himself with HIS selection of these asswipe warmongers to HIS ‘cabinet’.


    – Sincerely:

    A long distant, never a Demochump (& equally never again a supporter of the Liar in Chief) supporter of the carnival-barking clown now known as ‘our’ ‘President’.

    I LOVE what was supposed to be the TRUE ‘America’.

    The America that was intended and SUPPOSED to be:

    But is NO MORE..

    .. & hasn’t been for a very long time.


  4. Easy to see where this will lead, and it is not good. No mention of God or the Founders


  5. I just read of Mali Christians being burned in their village by Muslims; we are truly blessed to be here.


  6. Don’t like to sound negative. And I do research throughly, biblically and politically for truth. And I walk with the Lord. I wouldn’t put too much hope into this NEW UNALIENABLE RIGHTS commission. It sounds like they want to overide our constitution with (their new laws). Why do we need new laws ….our constitution covers just about everything and they deny it. So what will new laws do?

    This goal of theirs may very well lead to the (7 NOAHIDE LAWS.) Was that the whole purpose of dividing us to bring these Laws forward, they are nothing but laws of men not Laws of God. I’ve researched these Talmudic satanic laws throughly and if you haven’t you ought to. They are derived from Babylonian traditions/Talmud/Torah…they are fables and are not in scripture.
    And that is, what those that are of Judaism, believe. The Talmud is a collection of ideas and thoughts penned by Rabbis and scribes. These laws are not of our Lord Jesus Christ but the opposite. I wanted to bring your attention to this because there is a lot of deceiving going on right now. Nothing against president Trump, and I mean that but people need to take their blinders off and have hope in our Lord Jesus Christ and not in man, for there is no help. If this is God’s will then it’s God’s will. We can’t stop that. He uses good and bad men for his purpose.

    The 1st Noahide law is to worship only God ( worshipping Jesus Christ is punishable by decapitation) these laws were passed by 4 congressman and put into legislation under Education Day Act under George H.W. Bush in 1991 and every President acknowledges these laws every year, even TRUMP. This was a betrayal to America and treasonous. Research these.
    They are of the Pharisees that don’t believe in Jesus or the New Testament.

    What caught me was the words used, of the ones (not all) that are on the commission.
    INALIENABLE Rights….

    This is by a rabbi…..” We must work together so that these values will be the INALIENABLE
    Property of all mankind “. (That’s the Noahide Laws he’s talking about) this was from another article. Rabbi continues …..
    “It is our prayer to God that OUR WAY will successfully bring WELFARE and HAPPINESS to all
    MANKIND and especially Israel and and the U.S. and all of humanity will benefit from this.”
    A letter was sent to Trump 1-26-17 by the Sanhedrin that he take the lead in restoring America and the world and to acknowledge and uphold these 7 NOAHIDE LAWS….

    And when Pompeo says return to its ROOTS …well they may very well be talking about the 7Noahide Laws. Because I’ve heard the Noahides refer to that before (it’s ROOTS). They consider these Noahide laws/biblical and to do exactly that, take us bCk to our roots. It all sounds good like most things do. Satan is the father of lies, let’s not forget that.
    But DECAPITATION if worshipping Jesus….that’s worth a thousand words. That’s in the Noahide laws.

    When I hear COMMON GOOD well the Pope uses that word all the time and he is one of many deceivers in these wicked days that we live. Listen to the words. They give away so much. So this could be another betrayal. I pray it’s not but it’s very possible with the times we live it.

    I appreciate all your hard work to expose all and your wife Lisa.
    May God’s light and presence always be with you. You both do a great job.

    Warmest regards,
    Kathie (Arizona)


  7. Awesome report Justus! Thank you for letting us know America will finally be the way it used to be! So very important for this country! Trump has done a remarkable job! Looking forward to having him until 2024!


  8. I am a “Targeted Individual” and I see this unalienable rights thing as a scam to make people believe that they have rights they don’t have. If you are a victim of corruption, a whistleblower, a person who’s truth they want to silence, have a “bad case” …corrupted, they will simply turn you into a “national security” person and all your rights are congress person, senate, police, county agency, state agency politician etc. etc. will help you and they will use every intelligence agency, military, psychological operations program, local, state and federal government employee in your area to completely destroy you. They will try to make you look crazy by using electronic warfare, space weapons, gang stalking programs, use ground troops to steal any evidence you have, control all communications including manufacture of communications and deletion of communications, they will destroy all your relationships with false evidence and mind-control programs, destroy your business with any means po


    • And I have to use reply because they shut down my communication before finished. This is Michele Schauer….not finished …won’t let me use comment – changed website at the moment so I can’t post. They will destroy your business with any means possible, frame you up , make stories about you and actually create false evidence. Separate you from society by the electronic warfare and requiring that you need super-security to keep them out at night. They will watch everything you do every moment and try to keep you from getting justice. If you can shut down the intelligence community that does this……you may have rights….otherwise forget it. More and more people are being subjected to this and being drawn into the intelligence “We are not doing anything” security programs which are not about security and law but about lies, lawlessness and corruption and violations of human, constitutional and civil rights with no due process, accountability etc. Oh, now the post comment section is back. These bastards control your communications, phone, computers etc. It is a government “supremacy hate group” that does not value your freedom, your rights and believe they can do anything to you if they want, with no accountability.


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