Are You A MAN?! Or Want Your MEN To Be MEN!! If So, It Is CRITICAL You Know THIS Before It’s TOO LATE!

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You have all heard the terms:  “Toxic Masculinity”, ‘Aggressive  Male’, ‘Alpha Male’ and so on and so on.  Did you realize this is all a well coordinated attack not only on males but the family unit as a whole.  That’s just the beginning of why this globalist campaign is set to remove the last elements of resistance and even many men are falling hook, line and sinker for the deception.  Watch this and reply so more men and women realize what ‘actual’ people want a man to be, not what the marketing companies tell us we should be.


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  1. I wondered when some one would Notice there AREN’T any men in america,butt *****,*****,,girlymen,cowards,chickenshits ,millions of them,and they all own guns,BUT a weapon in the hands of a chickenshit,IS STILL THAT, HES NOT a fighting man,just another COWARD with a gun,and I can tell you my friend,THE OTHER COUNTRIES HAVE NOTICED IT TOO,especially russia and china,your about to witness the worse slaughter in history,RIGHT HERE IN THE STREETS OF AMERICA….WATCH THE VIDEO OF THE “RESERVE POLICE BATTLION 101” nazi germany they turned on the people in a minute,they have in every war in history..and the SATANIC DEVILS HERE IN AMERICA WILL DO THE SAME THING…..


  2. I have 4 Sons & raised them Old Fashioned even when Mommy objected. I spanked each one maybe twice because my Sons knew that when I said something there was No Bullshit that was The End of It. We raised our kids with God & Jesus as Our Savior. I have monitored their schooling & when I found it Liberal or worse I objected to the Teacher & if the curriculum was found lacking we switched schools. I have 2 Athletes, 1 Musician & 1 Techie but All 4 are Examples of Alpha Males & All Top Notch Academics. 3 are functioning Self Sufficient Adults & we are working on the 16 year old to become another Upstanding Male of the Species. I have trained my Sons in the proper handling of Tools, Knives, Compound Bows & Guns & taught them that at This Point in Time Only The 1st & 2nd Amendment Matter because All of the rest follow & have Been Utterly Destroyed by the US Supreme Court of Demons. Even though I know we are in the End Times I Trust in Jesus & Pray Primarily for my Family’s Health & Wellbeing but I also Pray for Friends, Associates, All the Children of the World & Even World Peace but I am Prepared to Put on the Cross as a Crusader & Exterminate Evil By Any & All Means Necessary & I will DIE to Protect My Family if Necessary. May God Bless You All


    • That’s all well and good, but if I were you, I wouldn’t exterminate evil or even really fight them. Hose them down with a fire hose, or ammonia, but God will take care of them, NOT US. If we do God’s work, He won’t like it much. The fighting that is. And being in jail won’t help you one little bit and it sure won’t help your family much. Protect them, and let God take care of the rest. Armageddon is very very soon to happen. As soon as you see, on TV, that the U.N. is attacking false religion, Christendom that is, and they begin bulldozing and burning churches with crosses on them and arresting and shooting the congregations of those churches, then these things mark the beginning of the tribulation. God said all churches are “false religion”, and He will put it into their (the U.N.) hearts to destroy them. Since only what the Christ was sent to Earth in the first century to teach us is the ONLY religion on Earth, stick to it only. God’s inspired word. And don’t use a fake Bible like the DR or KJV or NIV and such, use one that is ACCURATELY translated, STay clear from any and all churches and religions of man, and you will fare well. Obey ALL of God’s commands and you might be saved alive in the final battle.


  3. In the end, the destruction of men, and the destruction of the family, is ultimately a war on God and His Creation.
    Knowing that God’s plan for humanity is GOOD, evil men and women, many of them powerful and in high places, sought and have been very successful these last 50 years, in destroying our connection to God and to each other.
    Emotionally castrated men can not and will not defend their country.
    Psychologically castrated men will not procreate, and will rejoice in the destruction of innocent life.
    Castrated men will seek the company of other castrated men, and their main focus in life will be self gratification and mindless entertainment.
    Women were also emotionally castrated. Having been taught that “equality” for women somehow meant the destruction of masculinity, men were deemed unnecessary, except for random, meaningless sexual encounters.
    The result has been skyrocketing suicide rates, the majority of children being born out of wedlock, fatherless, feral children, violent, sociopathic, amoral youth, massive discontent and unhappiness, and rampant drug use.
    Doesn’t bode well for our future.


  4. It’s too late. Men have already seen women in their liberated condition. You can’t unsee that. The damage is already done. As long as women are seen as equal to men, homosexuality will be the rule of the day. It’s too late.


  5. Good morning brother Justus, I pray that you and yours are well. Sadly what Satan does is twist what the Lord holds dear. Like Abba Father created the family (man and woman and their children) but Satan says men can marry and a man can have children! And the same goes for two women. And for 2-3 years now the men have become like women, and the women have become masculine! I HATE SATAN AND ALL OF HIS ABOMINATIONS! AND I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HIM GET EVERYTHING THAT’S COMING TO HIM, I WILL HAVE A FRONT ROW SEAT FOR THAT! KEEP WARNING THE BRETHREN, KEEP SOUNDING THE ALARMS BROTHER! I DO BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE A WATCHMEN ON WALL FOR THE LORD JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY! MAY ABBA FATHER CONTINUE TO BLESS, PROTECT AND PROSPER YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR MINISTRY ABUNDANTLY IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME I PRAY, AMEN!

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  6. Martha;
    I must beg to differ. There exists only ONE that is ALMIGHTY, and that is God Himself, not anyone else, not even Jesus, God’s only BEGOTTEN son. Almighty means “the mightiest”, and only one can be the mightiest, right? And it is God, who in Psalms 83:18 it tells us his name.
    Psalm 83:18 King James Version (KJV)

    18 That men may know that thou, whose name alone is Jehovah, art the most high over all the earth.

    Mist high and almighty are synonyms in a sense. Most high isn’t one word, but the concept is equal to almighty. It is Jehovah God. Jehovah of Armies.


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