The SIMPLE YouTube DIY CENSORSHIP FIX They Absolutely Don’t Want You To See: Watch QUICKLY!

Please watch the video below for the full story! 

YouTube has now thrown the final kills switch on Conservative News Sites.  You will find the evidence here of exactly what has been done to the likes of Mark Dice, Steven Crowder, Lisa Haven, Lauren Southern and many, many more!  Their new subscribers have tanked and they are will eventually wither away to nothing!

THERE IS HOWEVER SOMETHING YOU CAN DO!  The secret fix that Google / YouTube does NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW about!  Here is how to see those YouTuber’s you haven’t seen in sometime.  It is easier than you think and will open your eyes to exactly what they’ve done to blind you to the truth!!

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God Speed and God Bless,


For More Information (references) See:

References Can Be Found At (please subscribe while you’re there)

MeWe Link:

USA.Life Link:

Mark Dice Censored Video:

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 7.40.08 AM


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10 replies

  1. I have been doing this all the time. Who didn’t know about this?


  2. The Billionaires think they have a right to use their wealth to interfere in Our lives with their “social engineering programs”
    We have the SAME right to interfere in their wealth.
    “Funny” how these BILLIONAIRE Leftwingers believe in Socialism and Sharing (YOUR) property……….
    but Their’s is THEIR’S ….. no WAY are they gonna share.
    Who is funding all these Socialist Groups that hate Our Freedoms and Our beliefs? Kochs, Buffett, Soros, Bezos, Gates, not happy with their riches they wish to OWN you.
    These SCUMionaires do not even GIVE to charity. They establish tax free “trusts & foundations” where THEY control the money and get paid to do so and you actually subsidize them because you pay higher taxes to replace what they avoid. “The more money communists accumulate, the more they preach morality to others”
    When they decide to step across Our threshold/line with Their wealth to interfere in OUR lives, it is the same as trespassing into Your house and we have the Right to TAKE their wealth.


  3. I thought KOCHS were RIGHT WINGERS? Who did a lot with the TEA PARTY GROUPS?


  4. Thank You !!!


  5. When I click on the three dots it only gives me two options, Report or Add Translations. I do not get the options you do, I wonder why not??


  6. I do not have any dots on the pages. I do not know why. Therefore i am unable to
    take action as recommended. any thoughts or help on this.



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