The Evil Inequality Of The Equality Act; Women, Children & Religions Beware The ‘Hate’ Is Not Where It Appears!

Please watch the video below for the full story! 

The Democrats just HATE; they hate Republicans, Libertarians and Democrats!  The atrocious Equality Act is nothing more than another Globalist maneuver to destroy everything America holds near and dear.  You have to understand the devil’s in the details; just like they are with the Candace Owens banning.  It is not what they say, it is what they do, just wait until you see ‘the list’.  America needs to wake up and take notice; the full scale assault on Women, our Children and Religion is underway and the DemonCratic party is doing everything they can to destroy our Nation!

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Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 7.37.41 AM–hOn4zkkiTmMINvZOifh5EI98qL6t4rhgzc


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  1. Another act of Cultural Terrorism.


  2. Perversion is not a civil right.


  3. They are saying one thing to our face –but hiding the real reason behind it. It is ugly people and don’t be fooled. It is just another of the lib/dem tactics. They are out to destroy us. It s a fight between good and evil and theirs is the evil.!! Take nothing for granted. its another cover-up for what they want.!!!



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