The Paul Pelosi Attack Story Just Went From Strange To Outright Bizarre!

The Paul / Nancy Pelosi attack story just went from strange to outright bizarre! Do you know all the details surrounding the accused assailant David DePape? Until you do you can’t even begin to understand how this story simply does not line up! ‘Found in his underwear’ – ‘Unidentified person opened the door for police’ – ‘a right wing extremist with a liberal bumper sticker’…well, that’s just the beginning of a narrative the main stream media is conveniently promoting as another MAGA promoted act of violence.

Pelosi and DOD Just Activated Mass Domestic Military Grade ‘Undetectable Army’ Accountable To No One!

Pelosi and DOD just activated the unthinkable. A military mass surveillance system so powerful, so effective and so sophisticated that is virtual undetectable. But, it is detecting you at ALL TIMES. We warned you the minute she sent out the Capitol Police to CA and FL it was just the beginning…well here is a part of what they really have planned!

Nancy Goes ALL IN! DC Capitol ‘Pelosi Police Force’ Mobilized From CA To FL – Beware What’s Coming!

Why has Nancy Pelosi mobilized the DC Capitol Police Security force from California to Florida?! The Pelosi Police will be working with the United States Attorney General’s office to do what exactly?! Well, if you’ve been following the ‘domestic terrorism’ plot line, you’d know exactly why. It’s what comes next we all need to be concerned about!