Google Unleashes The Trojan Horse Of Tyranny – This Is ANYTHING But What They Say It Is!

Did you hear Google’s announcement on Stadia?!  Some of you may have skipped right by it in that you may not be a ‘gamer’ and didn’t take notice.  You really need to!  Google may have just unleashed the Trojan Horse of Tyranny; directly in line with what I contest to be their Chinese counterpart, Tencent.

Don’t know who Tencent is; you need to.  If you can’t escape the camera’s in China or the Chinese Government, Tencent controls everything else…and Google is frantically working to give us their American version.  Problem is, they took notes from Tencent’s failures and are moving faster, more efficiently and more profitably…the end my friends is coming quicker than any of us expected.

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