I Accidentally Uncovered Something I Wish I Never Did – U.S. Gov Darkest Non-Consensual Secret!

There are some things you wish you never learned.  Details so dark and evil that you can’t believe the words your reading.  Normally this would be something you’d expect to uncover on some foreign government; then shocked to find it is your own.

A Slate article I read kept me awake one night until I had the opportunity to read it further.  There was one item within it that deserved further exploration.  Our Government using the images of abused children to train facial recognition.  I was sorry to find out the reality of that statement, even worse it was images of child exploitation that were being used and used to test foreign government algorithms and programs.  These include China and Russia.

This is one that absolutely needs to be shared!  I need everyone to write their Senators and Congressman.  This cannot continue; we must protect our writes and the rights of our children!

As always, PLEASE HELP SHARE wherever you can; this broadcast truly deserves the awareness you help to assure it gets!  Your thumbs up and comments are always appreciated!!

God Speed and God Bless,


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  1. …”write their Senators and Congressmen”???? Not a chance, they’re all backmailed.


  2. ALL THE MEN became as women,Jeremiah51:30,this is coming,SLAVERY,the fools in america turned their power over to SATANS wolfpack,HIS POLICE GANGS,wolves in sheeps clothing,THE FOUNDING FATHERS told america NO STANDING ARMIES,who in hell do americans think the police gangs are?they kill children,this is all you need to know..to know who they really are,AND NOW its to late to fix this,GET CLOSE TO THE LORD,our FATHER has no choice,hes got to destroy america ,MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT…soon to be removed for the earth,BUT FIRST a long awful death,and ITS preferred to fighting to save the country…GET close to the LORD,your on borrowed time,and will all be dead ……


  3. I must be missing something. Seems to me exploited children would be one of the few places we would want this sort of tech. Mostly in terms of identifying missing children and those who are involved with the children. Along with other cases of criminal activity where facial recognition would help. I would assume these cases are part of criminal investigations.

    I am 100% against facial recognition in public places same as license plate readers, cell phone tracking, etc. Sadly, governments can’t be trusted on any level. We know from watching magazine shows like 20/20 that government and police can abuse their roles. My example is: you’re on a Sunday drive in the country and you drive by a house as a murder takes place. The murderer doesn’t have a cell phone, but you do, and the police then try to tie you to the murder because you are all they have to go on.

    I am disgusted with American companies selling out humanity by helping countries like china to round up people who do things like religion. I think the leaders of those companies need to be rounded up themselves, and Nuremberg II trials held! Just like the excuse of “we only did what we were told” didn’t work at Nuremberg, big tech’s excuse of “we just sold them the tools” is also no excuse!

    But if you are religious you likely know what is going on. If not, I highly recomend getting religious, as time is short.


    • I would add that NIST is a standards institution. “NIST Approved” carries a lot of weight. I deal in software security, and in order to be compliant with certain standards involving PII / PHI, credit card processing, etc., you have to use NIST approved encryption. But, it isn’t lost on me that they are a government body, and NIST approved encryption is encryption they (NSA, CIA, etc.) can break.



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