Exposed! U.N.’s New Dire ‘US Is Root Of All Evil’ Report Matches U.S. Socialist & Green New Deal Agenda To A T!!

If you have time to read the U.N.’s newly released, nearly 700-page Global Environmental Outlook 6 Report you’ll find out one primary objective…seize control of America or Millions will perish due to our blatant disregard for WORLD policy, GLOBAL rules and NEW WORLD ORDER agenda!  Even more terrifying is that it matches the talking points of AOC, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Andrew Yang…and most of the Democratic New World Order Party…to a T. 

If this doesn’t freak the H E double hockey sticks out of a ton of people I am going to invest in pillows for sleeping masses.  Just wait until you hear about China verse the U.S. when it comes to gun penalties and AOC saying that Wells Fargo is caging children.  Can’t make this stuff up if you tried.

This and SO MUCH MORE await you as you dive into today’s broadcast!!  I hope you enjoy!!

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