Mafia’s Shadow Profile On You! Testicular Bill Of Rights?! America’s Obliteration Demo & AirPods ‘Ear-e Radiation’!

What is America’s Newest Mafia planning now?  They want to take total control of your mind; what you won’t guess is how they expect to do it!  That’s not enough to worry about?… Well, what if I told you more about the recent Rand War Game that illustrates how America would be obliterated in a war against China or Russia…but is that there real result or simply a money making prediction?  AirPods are doing what to our ears?!? The scientists signing the petition warning all of the radiation damage will tell you!

We are also going to cover the Testicular Bill Of Rights (yes, seriously…it is as painful as it sounds),  AOC lying again and the Presidential Candidate victory odds…shocking results indeed!!

This and SO MUCH MORE await you as you dive into today’s broadcast!!  I hope you enjoy!!

As always, PLEASE HELP SHARE wherever you can; this broadcast truly deserves the awareness you help to assure it gets!  Your thumbs up and comments are always appreciated!!

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  1. Very good info. Thank you for making this video. I was unaware of the ear pod danger- which I am very embarrassed to say! I should have done my research but did not. My teenager just got a pair and she will not be using these anymore!



  1. Links 278-Chuck Missler on the Gap Theory | Cindy's Zone 2

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