2020 Vote Alert! Swamp Agency Seizing Control Of Election Via ‘Unhackable’ Deep State Voting System!?!

I warned you, time and time again…the attack on the 2020 election is in overdrive.  If they can win fair and square they will cheat, lie and steal.  If you didn’t believe me before, let me give you the most devious example to date.  DARPA has now put out a bid to design an ‘unhackable’ voting system.  So unhackable I am confident even the ‘good guys’ won’t be able to tell how the results are tallied.  Don’t worry though, it will be sold to each of us the ultimate security measure to assure no voter fraud…although the only ones getting scammed ARE US!!

We are also going to cover the Navy Ship locked at sea due to a Mumps outbreak on board!?!  But I thought all military personnel had receive vaccines you may ask.  So did I, and they do, then how is this possible; just wait until you hear the vaccine doesn’t mean you can’t contract or spread it…seriously!

This and SO MUCH MORE await you as you dive into today’s broadcast!!  I hope you enjoy!!

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3 replies

  1. We’ve been setup for the ultimate voter scam in history. The Republicons, the Demon cats,
    The President, the media and the public have turned their backs on the obvious vote scams
    In recent past. No one is charged, no one is convicted, no one is jailed and hardly anyone raises a stink when counties report 100%+ for the left. Well never see another conservative or Christian in leadership role after 2020 IMHO.


  2. When do the deportations into foreign slavery for Americans begin?



  1. Links 278-Chuck Missler on the Gap Theory | Cindy's Zone 2

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