Creators Terrified!  AI “Chameleon” Should Not Be Released:  But Has It Already?  Evidence Says YES!

You know you have cause for alarm when the creators of an artificial intelligence fear their own creation.  What is causing so much alarm?  In actuality, there is serious cause for concern.  The AI “Chameleon” has been released; although the designers are warning of its absolute deceptive power.

The same group that Elon Musk departed from OpenAI, has created one of the most diabolical misinformation devices ever created.  The ability it has will not delete your comments or even your feedback it will simply DROWN you out with auto-replies that no one will even know is fake.  It is time to understand, that person on Facebook, that comment on your feed, that video creation or that person that just replied to you may be the “Chameleon” AI rather than actual flesh and blood human being.

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Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 7.09.05 AM–theyll-drown-them-out/2019/02/08/c8a926a2-2b27-11e9-984d-9b8fba003e81_story.html


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  1. THE GUY from venezuela NEVER TOLD YOU THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT WERE AMERICAN OIL COMPANY PUPPETS,and THATS why CHAVZ came into power to stop what everyone could see,AMERICA WAS DESTROYING THEIR COUNTRY,and NOW TRUMP is calling MADURO a dictator,HEY maybe the RUSSIANS will bomb DC while hes there…BRING YOUR GOVERNMENT HOME AMERICA,or maybe you’d rather be in a nuclear war with Russia and China,or more other countries……


  2. Imagine two people carrying on a conversation on their digital phones, attempting to agree upon a particular subject of great importance. Maybe even two Senators speaking to each other about a subject on National Security. AI intervenes and cuts both off when they are about to resolve their conclusions. It then continues a fabricated conversation with each, manipulating a false conversation to each, succeeding in altering and maligning the entire object and results of that conversation. Each Senator thinks it is speaking to the other, when they are speaking to the AI simulation.
    If people need artificial Intelligence to exist, then they have no Intelligence of their own, to start. Lies are the only true end result of any type of artificial Intelligence. Without lies, AI nor any other FALSE entity, has any power. If lies did not prevail, the world would not be in the sad shape it is in, close to destruction. That is why every liar shall have their end in a Lake of Fire. Lies are therefore EVIL. They will be utterly destroyed, and all who propagate them, sooner than they comprehend.


  3. Tens of Thousands of food producing acres have been taken out of production for massive solar farms, as far as the eye can see.


  4. Amen Jay. God have mercy!



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