News Of Depravity, Perversion & Evil Is Beyond Comprehension:  Even Worse, Who’s Leading It! 

It is beyond comprehension, what is now being reported.  It will boggle your mind when you try to comprehend.  News like this was never meant to be broadcast, but yet it is.

How is it the depravity we now face was ever allowed?  How far we have moved towards a lawless and immoral society.  The messages coming out are so fast and so furious it is something led by someone so deplorable that only a monster could truly be responsible.

This broadcast was done because of one of the requests in my comments.  Hold on, this isn’t an easy one to do.  God Bless us all, we need you now more than ever.

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  1. Justus, we know and understand that the whole world lies in the hands of the evil one. We are to love not the world, nor the things within it. Our job is to preach the message that there is a way of escape from it. And that, only through Jesus Christ.
    Doesn’t mean we don’t love those we have, our family and friends, or the rest of the people. No, we are. That is part of how we show the love of Christ.
    A world come under the judgement of God is what we are seeing and reaping. Judgement isn’t coming, it is already here!
    Once man turned side from Him, once man set his own laws above the laws of God,once man brought human life to the point of being of no value, of being an impediment to self, God’s judgement began to fall. Read Hosea 9:1-16. Break it down and see. This is hard, very hard to write down. When I first read this, my heart was pained, and I cried .
    The promise of judgement is laid out for those who turn against the living God.
    I think however, this is something you already know, or suspect. It is also something that most ” Christians ” will reject. Too difficult for them to grasp.
    Thank you for your work, keep it up.
    Denis McQuillan




  3. Married in the Catholic “church” to a catholic woman many years ago. Thank God we got away from that hellhole and discovered the truth that’s in Jesus! Justus, you know the CC is the world’s largest and most evil cult, right? It has ALL the markings of a cult (infallible leader, own non-biblical doctrines and teachings, mesmerized followers who checked their brain at the door, etc.), just on a very grand scale. Read the book “Windswept House” by priest Malachi Martin… will curl your toes!


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