Exposed! Trump’s Shocking 5G Secret; It’s Not What He Did, It’s What He Undid…

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You find information when you least expect it.  It is necessary, at all times, to keep your mind open to the many fronts that evil will attack you from.  When it comes to 5G it is an all-out war on good verse evil; this battle knows no party lines.

What I have come across in regards to our long term security as a people and a nation will beyond shock you.  What our President has undone left me speechless, angered and outraged.  I can only hope there was some hidden reason not exposed to us for removing what he did.  I will be drafting a letter to him personally to ask for answers; this is how devious and deceptive what was done appears to be. 

I hope you will watch this video to learn more!

God Speed and God Bless,


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  1. SDI set up 4067 brilliant pebbles which are orbiting kinetic kill vehicles in space around the earth once they receive a command from command control they are autonomous seeking out targets and destroy them using kinetic energy with out any explosives. We also have (HEDI) High Endo Atmospheric interceptors. Image going from ground level to the edge of space in 7 seconds


  2. Your one negative comment about Trump is warranted. Just about everything he does concerns me. He is not what he presented himself to be. However, much of what you harp on about here is misdirection. China is spying on everyone! Really? I’ve heard this over the years but have never seen one scrap of evidence. It is all political propaganda. Much like the Skripals being poisoned they say, by a deadly nerve agent (which somehow didn’t kill them in seconds) and Russia must have done it. No proof required. But we do no for a fact who is spying on everyone. It is the NSA! Americans have no enemies except the ones they manufacture. The real enemy of all people is located inside your country.

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  3. Can you please provide a written transcript of your video posts? I can read it in far less time than it takes to view. If not, I’m out, as there simply is not sufficient time in day to watch.



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