FBI “Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny” It Watches You Doing This! BTW: It’s Already Been Confirmed, No Records, No Trace!

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What started off to be a broadcast on how all of our primary Amendments have been violated uncovered a dark secret.  A portion of the exact quote from the FBI read, “Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny”.  They cannot confirm nor deny they have been recording you doing…you just won’t believe it.  It all but tears up multiple Amendments in one shot…we are truly no longer a free society in America.  What is even more shocking is the fact they’ve admitted it a 100 times over and now declare they can’t decide.

If your eyes have not yet been opened; this broadcast will be sure to do it for you.  It is imperative we understand the ongoing and incessant attack on our freedoms if we stand any hope of turning this Orwellian horror ship around.

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For More Information (references) See:


My Appearance On The Lisa Haven Channel (Real ID Broadcast):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIOnvvRDH60&t=158s








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  1. welcome to the new world order,read your bible,one religion,one currency,one ruler,over the world,divided into 10 nations,get ready for your microchip(the mark of the beast,and anyone who does not comply will be killed !!!!! whoopy!!!!! come on jesus!!!!


  2. MY friend,5-G is for the control of the robots,America will be enslaved by robots in every city where the poor workers are living,THEY will see to it your following the rules,NO DOORS will be allowed to be locked so they can come in and check on you…THE WOMEN want peace at the price of slavery for everyone….


    • Whenever I see a clickbait site with slick multimedia production, usually with the face of the host featured a bit too prominently, I begin to feel like it’s a clickbait site along the likes of Bill Hicks aka Alex Jones and disinfowars. And for women we now have Lisa Haven, another slick multimedia production. And then there’s Justus. And they all parrot each others content. Hard for me to take these sites seriously.



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