Urgent!  Ultimate 5G Silent Weapon Of War Dispatched:  The Deceit Of A Decade Has Deadly Consequences!

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To know this enemy is to understand what the face of a mass extinction murder looks like.  It is the ultimate silent war weapon and it’s being installed across America.  In actuality, it’s being installed all over the world.  Why are so many allowing it; because they are being deceived!

To understand the facts behind 5G is to understand the stuff of nightmares.  This is no ‘next generation’ tech; this is a weapon of war!  Don’t believe it, watch this video to hear the details of what will change your mind forever.

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  1. How about providing a transcript, not everyone has the time to watch 11 minute videos.


  2. Thank You for covering this issue ….. nothing matters more and nothing is more dangerous than 5G. I’ve become one of the early 5G torture/euthanasia victims — beginning in mid July 2019. I scientist — Ian Irwin and his wife Carol Kirparsky have been missing since Saturday February 15th. I’ve been a friend of the family for 22 years and last had contact with them on 1/24/2020
    Palo Alto Online deleted for following post four times and banned me under two different I.D.’s just to cover up their connection to a 5G torture victim. I’ve also been passing out flyers in Palo Alto. On 1/31/2020, intelligence operatives followed me to Palo Alto, and I was interviewed by a fake YouTuber with two puppies who was pretending to be homeless. He said that he had 14,000 followers, but it turned out to all fake — and the video was never posted — every 15 minutes he needed a break for one reason or another (made reason) — he claimed that the dogs had an accident and that he had poop on his hands. He would then go into Walgreens to check on his handlers. This is very dangerous ….. they will do anything to protect this EVIL technology. Here is the post that was deleted multiple times by multiple sites. It remains on SFGATE dot com …… the only place where it has been kept in place. ::::
    Palo Alto online deleted the following post three times and then banned me outright. I’ve been a friend of the family for 22 years and I do have some insight into this . I’m also a “targeted individual” which has it’s own set of politics which the EVIL people at Palo Alto online know nothing about. Well, HERE IS THE ORIGINAL POST from MONDAY (2/17/2020):
    I was best friends with their daughter Sasha for 14 years. This photo is of her father and her stepmother. Her father is a chemist who still takes part time work from time to time. I talked to both of them about nine months ago for two hours — mostly about alternative treatments for dissociative identity disorder which poor Sasha is sometimes prone to suffer from. I sometimes print out excerpts from medical journals for her father to read. I have not talked to Sasha much since 2016 due to a falling out with her birth mother (Carol Irwin). About two months ago, I ran into Carol Kiparsky and Ian on University Avenue and talked to them for about 10 minutes. I talked to them at length about horrible sleep deprivation that I have been experiencing. I am an early victim of the 5G torture grid that the scientists have been warning us about for three years. I’ve continued to apprise them in writing about what I have been going through. Their disappearance is more than likely related to the roll out of the 5G torture grid. This is basically a deep state extra legal action.
    In 2016, my film photos and negatives of Sasha that I have had for 10 years were taken during a break in. Also, “they” went into my Yahoo email and deleted my only electronic photo of Sasha. Beginning in mid July 2019, I began to hit with terrible 5G microwave attacks aimed directly at me in my bedroom when I sleep. Initially, I could get away from it by going to a different room or driving a few blocks away. Gradually, the infrastructure has been built up and I cannot get away from the effects of the 5G (heart pounding, disorientation) even while driving down the street. Very rarely do I get a break from it. Carol and Ian were apprised of what I have been going through in writing. I’ve only been able to sleep about three hours per day (if I am lucky) for more than two months. I’m not sure how much time I have left myself.
    OK, THAT WAS THE ORIGINAL POST. What many people may not realize, is that a “targeted individual” cannot even rely on their phone service to work properly or count on reliable email delivery. My latest contact with them was a handwritten note which I pushed under their door on 1/24/2020. Ian likely did try to contact me via phone, but was unable to do so do to deep state shadow banning (AT&T). He was likely very scared for his own daughter after doing his own research into 5G (he is a scientist). The very first people who will suffer with roll out of this Demonic technology will likely all have some history of mental illness. This makes it very easy for police or other authority figures to discount or ignore their suffering. That’s the it has been with my own family, but Ian was never condescending toward me. They were abducted by the deep state because of the extra credibility they would have afforded any anti-5G activist or to the anti-antennae movement in Palo Alto which has been gaining in strength.


  3. That is a really great video …. thank you for warning us about this. I know that many people because sick when their first installed the Smart Meters on people’s homes …. and nothing seems to get done …. no one seems to care where I am.



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