Alert!  Military On Manhunt For Killer Soldiers Located Across America; Are They Near You!?  Find Out Here!

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Why does the military believe that there is a multitude of stone cold killers being raised across America?  An elite soldier being trained to kill without hesitation, without care or concern.  A true killer specialized in non-reality murder; that can easily assimilate into a new generation military being retrofitted to a non-reality / virtual reality / altered reality battlefield war fighting machine.

The proof is easy to find with just a little bit of digging, watching and learning how ALL branches of our military our re-designing next generation war machines to be operated remotely or simply function autonomously.  They don’t keep the recruitment campaign for our youth very quiet either; they want this generation of gamers.  Their unique skill set and desensitized kill response is perfect, in their eyes, for a non-reality, non-identity war…a war like none we have ever seen.

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