Heard Of “Squad X”? – What You Don’t Know; Can Kill You!  A 2019 Must Know!

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If you haven’t heard of Squad X you really need to tune into this video!  Brought to you by the ‘not so secret’ DARPA is the next level of battlefield AI / Robotics / Horror integration.   This is pulled straight from a Hollywood script; just imagine the robots decided who lives and who dies.

To understand modern day technological advances is to understand how the ‘human’ decision-making process is being removed from everything!  We are in algorithm Hell and allowing the Demons in the machines to selectively eliminate all of us.  Once the ‘kill decision’ is completely out of human hands it will spell the end of humanity as we know it!

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  1. Thank you Justus for this informative video. I tootally agrree with you and the “eites” are definitely targetting us. The so-called fires in California are for sure war declared on us using laser weapons. Anyone who does any trthful research will come up with this declaration. Also, the electrical fires on the east coast are also attacks from laser weapons. Aggain, if yu do any kind of truthful reasearch will come up with this as well. So of course this technology will be used against us!


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