Google’s ‘Behind The Curtain’ Activity Is So Monstrous Employees Put Themselves At Risk To Expose!

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If you haven’t heard of what Google is doing for China by now, let me get you caught up really quick.  They are building one of the most Orwellian nightmares that have ever existed called Dragonfly.  A complete information flow monitor that will not allow anyone to freely see anything again. 

It is so horrendous that even Google employees are protesting.  In a NEWLY RELEASED open letter just published as the second wave of dissension again the creation of this beast, they stated, “Our opposition to Dragonfly is not about China: we object to technologies that aid the powerful in oppressing the vulnerable, wherever they may be.”  Want to learn more, watch this broadcast.

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  1. Gookles AI etc Will have some serious confounding in the near near future – gookle is nothing but a pimple on a quarks bung compared to the Almighty’s seeing Eye’s!


  2. I know 90% of americans want to be sent to Hell when they leave this earth,BUT to be guilty of TREASON,VIOLATING THE US CONSTITUTION,TERRORIST ACTIVITIES,and more crimes then you can name,THIS coming war will be the worse bloodbath in history by the time ALL the guilty are rounded up and executed,OH “I was just doing by job” will be considered a guilty plea at their short trial……….



  1. Google’s “Behind The Curtain” Activity (Justus Knight) – Light has Come
  2. Facebook DECLARES WAR On GOOGLE!!  Claim “TREASONOUS” China Infiltration!  BEWARE THEIR AGENDA! – Justus Knight News

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