Trump’s 1000+ Page Devastating Report:  It Is Either The Most Dire Or Deceitful One Yet Released!

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I am going to give you three options; you need to pick one by the end of this broadcast.  The Trump administration has just released a dire forecast for our country.  The findings are alarming, the future bleak and it leaves little room for hope…but it is factual?

No matter what side of the issue you stand on, the information contained within the 1000+ page document is staggering.  It is for you to decide now if it is fact or fiction.  I look forward to reading your comments below!

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  1. 28NOV18

    Caught your report on the UN Climate Change Report. I enjoyed it.

    The report is a literal ouroboros! It’s another government sponsored intervention doomed to failure justified by a compendium of the past faiiures of government sponsored interventions in natural processes.

    Human governments, no matter how well intentioned the organic structure seems, tend to devolve into what might be personified as a Procrustean ogre!

    Have a superlative day!

    PS. I left this same comment on your ABOUT page through ignorance. Sorry!


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