It’s Official! Washington Declares War! Just Not Against Who You Expected!

RR News Update!Dec. 1st, 2022By: Justus Knight

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On today’s broadcast:

In a desperate, almost panicked attack on Twitter; the White House, Hollywood and Mega Corporations have gone and said the quiet parts, out loud.  By taking a deeper dive into this story and playing back new sound bites and reading new headlines you will quickly see illustrated the agenda of silence so many have reported on for so long is not only live and well, it has grown into a raging beast of suppression.

However, and more importantly, if Elon Musk is to ever validate any shred of legitimacy, it’s time he puts up or shuts up!  If he does not release all the information / algorithms / back end suppression logs he is promising, then the war is already lost and he is yet another enemy of the people attempting, for the moment, to wear sheep’s clothing.

Justus Knight

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