Chemtrails Confirmed! White House Admits Pursuing 5 Year Sun-Blocking Plan! Conspiracy No Longer!

RR News Update!Oct 17th, 2022By: Justus Knight

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On today’s broadcast:

Here is the political proposal to blot out the sun; what can possibly go wrong right; just trust the science…the cure would never be worse than the disease. Oh wait, WHAT ARE THEY DOING NOW?! Well, they’re admitting to everything they called you CRAZY for.

God Speed and God Bless,

Justus Knight

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  1. This is sheer insanity… the elite (Bill Gates and his ilk) are insane… Blocking the sun will destroy photosynthesis (photosynthesis equation) that is behind every living thing, even the slightest interruption of God’s vital life giving element will kill every tree, blade of grass, vegetable plant, and every life on this earth. Who do they think they are?! Without plants, no humans, no animals here, just who are they saving the planet for? Their green deal money scheme is for themselves… absolute power, absolute control of us, our paychecks, our land, and our kids. They don’t even come near to having the intelligence to play God. This proves their mental disease disqualifies them from making any decisions for the 7 billion people on earth…. The word “mad scientists” screams attention here. Stop this stupidity! Blocking the sun will create the global catastrophe mass extinction of what they are saying is going to happen. It’s all about money, give them your money and they can control the sun. These elite are too big for their britches.

    If you believe these mad men, I want to sell you some beach front property on the moon!

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