INFLUENCE or INFILTRATION? Green Group Guiding Biden Reveals China Ties Too Deep To Ignore!

It’s no secret how deeply infiltrated and influenced the Biden Administration is by China. That does not mean however we are ever going to stop exposing even more levels of out and out corruption. The NRDC is yet another example of how China uses its Belt and Road initiative and influence to permeate even the highest levels of the U.S. Government to assure America manufacturing and competitiveness are demolished. Let us show you how the ‘non-profit’ is now steering the ship as it relates to BBB and overall U.S. policy as it relates to the Green Agenda. From Executives to Legislative action; we ask the question, are we being influenced or infiltrated?

BREAKING: Biden Prepares ‘COVID GAMES’ Announcement! As Approval Tanks 70MM Lives About To Change!

There is nothing more to be cautious of than a failing administration. The Democrats have shown to build power through no other means than divide and conquer. Now, with Biden’s approval tanking to new lows; the Administration announces a speech that should be of grave concern to the 70MM unvaccinated Americans. Are you prepared for Joe Biden’s ‘Covid Games’? They are about to begin!