Biden’s Shocking Obama Announcement Throws Trump Camp Into Hysterics!

April 20th, 2022By: Justus Knight

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Biden’s Shocking Obama Announcement Throws Trump Camp Into Hysterics!

God Speed and God Bless!

Justus Knight

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  1. If JoeBama SHOULD win a second term, that would be Hussein Obama’s FOURTH term, and it WOULD be with MORE voter fraud. Those who are paying attention, Hussein is calling all the destruction of our Constitution, and our economy, the war in Ukraine, the border, abortion, all the transgender and CRT agenda that HE started in 2009 when he took over our White House. That’s when it all this hate for our country, hate for our citizens, and hate for our Constitution began.

    So, if the demonRAT party, George Soros, and Barack Hussein’s voter fraud is successful again, it will be Obama’s FOURTH term


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