Did Biden’s DISASTROUS 9-11 ‘Off Script’ Error Trigger Trump To Make This MONUMENTAL Unexpected Announcement!?

September 12th, 2021By: Justus Knight

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On today’s broadcast:

Biden, in a 12 minute unscripted QA shows everyone exactly why this ‘incompetent in chief’ can’t help but to not be able to hide his truest and darkest hatred for this great Republic. Did this type of horrific display of American contempt and disrespect, at what was suppose to be a 9-11 memorial event in Pennsylvania, trigger Trump to make a MONUMENTAL unexpected ANNOUNCEMENT? You watch, see and determine and we dissect 12 minutes of anti-American rhetoric.

God Speed and God Bless!

Justus Knight

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  1. Trump is a psychopath who cannot be trusted as well. He owns the vaccine, saying it was him who made it possible and he continues to urge people to take it, the self proclaimed father of the vaccine. Genocide is the agenda. Remember his – “I take the guns first, due process second” Mr Bump Stock ban, Increase the coffers of the military industrial complex, give the treasury to Black Rock, increased government debt by trillions. Scott Gotlieb who was appointed to the FDA by Trump is now a director of Pfizer. Trump signed USMCA ch 30 in December 2019 which gives control and supremacy of the USA to the UN anytime the UN wants it! Mmmmm……..He gave the top Rothschild banker who bailed him out in the Taj Mahal financial disaster a gov job etc. etc. etc. TRUMP CANNOT BE TRUSTED – We know Biden and Hillary etc are evil, we know what we are fighting, Trump has hood-winked too many who think he is a good guy, he is a 33rd degree free mason Satanist, look at his Masonic handshakes with Kissinger and others


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