Month: January 2021

Overnight, Joe Biden’s Worst Nightmare Becomes Reality! He’s Now On Collision Course With Disaster!

As the Georgia Senate races come to finality a nightmare scenario is realized for Old Joe Biden. If he was to assume the Presidency, and Georgia gives the Democrats what they’ve been yearning for, control of the Senate (thanks to Kamala’s vote); they Biden’s nightmare truly becomes a reality. You see if this was all to transpire, there will be nobody left to blame but HIM AND THE DEMOCRATS. No more ‘boogeymen’ no more Republican control, no more Republican influence…just Democrats and Joe Biden. Here is why that could simply be everything that’s needed to put the entire party on a collision course with disaster!

Christianity Targeted! Memo To Biden: Resolve This #1 “National Security Threat” Or Else!

They actually wrote this memo; it is horrific, terrifying and absolutely unacceptable. If you are a “White Christian” you are now Public Enemy #1 and a “National Security Threat”…no this is not joke. The Secular Democrats of America have drafted a memo to Joe Biden outlining exactly what needs to be done to ‘deal with’ the radical religious right and demanding it be DONE NOW! When we’re done reviewing this information you will quickly realize they want us serving only one god…their god, the god of GOVERNMENT, that has no religion, no boundaries, no morals, no concern, no compassion, no love…just NOTHING but pure evil!

Republicans About To ‘Whig’ Out!? Storm Clouds Gather As Jan. 6th Looms Near In Pending Party Destruction!

What is old is new again. Can history serve as a lesson? It should, but will it? The Whig party was once the second most powerful political party in the Nation, but almost overnight it disappeared. Fractured by slavery issues, its demise was quick and final. Now, does the Republican party face a similar moment in history? Storm clouds are forming over January 6th, here is what is occurring that can spell disaster in more ways than one…or is that EXACTLY what they want to happen?

15.9 Billion Of The World’s Most Devastating Weapons Just Went Active And They’re Aimed At You!

The Tech Overlords have given you 15.9 Billion reasons why you are truly in the fight of your life! They take us for “Suckers, Chumps & Fools”, once you understand the statistics that are about to be presented to you, the influence they represent and the power they wield…it will take you just a few seconds to realize unless you do these few simple steps, the Republic is all but lost. They have covered us in noise several times over and it is far TOO LATE for some but not ALL; that is where you come in! Mobilization and not Persuading is now the key to everything!