Month: January 2021

Signed Out!? Last Night, TUCKER Carlson Gives CAREER ENDING Broadcast! Here’s Why and What He Said!!

Tucker Carlson delivered one of the most important speeches of his career last night…but unfortunately it may also be a career ending move. What he said was absolutely correct, absolutely righteous but absolutely incendiary to the new ruling Government class. We will cover all the critical elements of what he stated and why it is imperative you listen to the message so you understand you’re not alone, you are being targeted and you are the new ‘minority class’.

Red Alert! 25,000 D.C. TROOPS TO BE VETTED! Insider Attack Feared! Biden ‘Hunger Games’ Inauguration Just Went Full Hamlet!

25,000 troops suddenly needed to be ‘vetted’ by the FBI. The paranoid Pelosi and beholden Biden have gone full Hamlet and created the ultimate Hunger Games Inauguration. Do you know why they had to go on Red Alert!? We do, and we’ll tell you every detail…because if it wasn’t a full attack from the outside (as their intel is now pointing out) that means it had to come from the…

Overnight, Trump Blindsides Democrats! Sends Shocking Letter To Pelosi & Authorizes Self-Destruct Disclosure!

Trump just blindsided the Democrats putting them into a self-destruct mode unlike anyone expected to see. A blazing letter was sent to Nancy Pelosi that details her and the Democrats biggest nightmare with lines drawn between them and China. If that wasn’t enough however, he then authorizes the release of a stack of documents that will turn the Democrats on one another…this is beyond classic Trump, this is truly a triggering of an absolute implosion of the Democrat party.

FBI Puts Nation On High Alert! Targets A “Q” Wired…But What Happens Next, No One Saw Coming!

The FBI puts the Nation on high alert and releases the “Domestic Violent Extremists Emboldened in Aftermath of Capitol Breach, Elevated Domestic Terrorism Threat of Violence Likely Amid Political Transitions and Beyond.”. Now, make no mistake, this is target Q…but that’s not all. Who they turn their sites on immediately after will should prove to all, Republican, Democrat, Independent…they are coming for EVERYONE!

Exposed! Capitol Riot ‘Breach Blame’ Shifts In Shocking Review Of Events Completely Exposing Their Involvement!

Now wait a minute! Why aren’t they reporting on EVERYONE who’s involved with the failure in security as it relates to the U.S. Capitol breach?! This truth is extremely inconvenient and turns the entire narrative upside down. If we’re going to point the finger of blame, let’s make sure it’s pointed in the right direction. Be prepared for the reality that THEY never wanted out!

FBI RED ALERT: What Do They Know? Intel Says It Will “Shock The Soul Of The Nation”!

FBI RED ALERT: What Do They Know? Intel On What’s About To Happen Will “Shock The Soul Of The Nation”! Do you know what this means? Some may have put the pieces together but it is a mosaic that Biden, the Democrats and the Tech Titans don’t want you to know! How is it that the very same people who hold the Hunter Biden laptop, the very same people who suppressed the Hunter Biden story and the very same people who have the most to lose from it’s information release are the very same people who are issuing a promoting and alert to do what exactly?!

Who’s Really Going To Be President!? Why Did Pelosi Just Enact These Measures…For Presidents Past OR CURRENT!

Biden better watch his 6. Pelosi is ready to seize all power…just look at her new House rules and you will quickly understand EXACTLY what she is preparing for. A few key words, “the President, and the Vice President, whether current or former,”. Hmmm, Nancy won’t be satisfied with the 25th Amendment and Trump, nor Trump impeachment, nor Trump in jail…she won’t be satisfied until she seizes FULL CONTROL of everything. Biden Beware; President Non-Elect Pelosi is coming for you next!

It’s Happened, Trump Receives His Virtual Impeachment Sentence…A Moment Of Silence

It’s happened, overnight it picked up speed, Trump has received his virtual impeachment sentence. He has now lost the ability to communicate with his constituency, utterly losing his most effective weapon and tool in relaying his message to those millions of Americans that voted for him. Worst part, it’s not over, there are more piling on to assure he can NEVER SPEAK AGAIN!

Capitol ‘Shake-Up’ Here’s What They’re Not Telling You! It Will Change EVERYTHING You Think You Know…Reality Check Time!

So, this is what happens when you lose focus on two very important things; God and Constitution. While another ‘major shake-up’ event occurs, in reality, another distraction has occurred. Why are all eyes on the Federal Government to begin with is the real question. To answer it, we are going to pull from an amazing article that outlines how it is not about the ‘ants that are killing on another’ (aka us) but who shook the jar they were in before the fighting started. You think you know the answer?!…careful, if information is power then you are about to get the nuclear bomb of awakenings. This will, and should, forever change what you should be focusing on! (Hint: it’s not the little “g” that Government wants you to believe they are!)