Christianity Targeted! Memo To Biden: Resolve This #1 “National Security Threat” Or Else!

January 5th, 2021

By: Justus Knight!

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They actually wrote this memo; it is horrific, terrifying and absolutely unacceptable. If you are a “White Christian” you are now Public Enemy #1 and a “National Security Threat”…no this is not a joke. The Secular Democrats of America have drafted a memo to Joe Biden outlining exactly what needs to be done to ‘deal with’ the radical religious right and demanding it be DONE NOW! When we’re done reviewing this information you will quickly realize they want us serving only one god…their god, the god of GOVERNMENT, that has no religion, no boundaries, no morals, no concern, no compassion, no love…just NOTHING but pure evil!

God Speed and God Bless,

Justus Knight

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  1. This country was birthed out of Christianity! These leftist secularists have identified themselves as enemies of the state, they are as insane as they seem. They are ignore rant of our history!


    • Actually, US was a creation of secret societies. It was due to the various revivals in the late 18th and early 19th centuries which solidified a Christian ethos in the larger population but it was never at home in the ruling classes. We were given respite in this country from the persecution of the Roman church and its counter-Reformational warfare for several hundred years but those days are over. The purpose of this country, according to the “founding fathers”, was as a New Atlantis culminating in the Great Work – NWO. Everything going on that’s put before us in the media is by design.


  2. NOW,Lets look at the other side of the coin,OUR FATHER GAVE SATAN PERMISSION TO DOUBLE THE SIZE OF HELL,..SO THERE WOULD BE ROOM FOR ALL THE ENEMIES OF GOD..THATS 90% of americans,Considering DEMONRATS have shit for brains ,they’ll be part of the ones going to their new daddy SATAN IN HELL,,OUR FATHER HAS ANNOUNCED JUDGEMENT ON AMERICA,THIS GOD LESS COUNTRY HAS LESS THEN “FIVE YEARS “before it is wipped off the face of the planet,the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE will be gone,along with ALL the enemies of GOD,yes a war is coming,IT WILL SEPERATE THE SHEEP FROM THE GOATS,most americans are goats…SATAN GETS ALL OF THEM….How can this NOT be good news to those who know the LORD,of course thats very few americans who do know him…WHEN OUR LORD JESUS TAKES THE CHILDREN..then it begins,the seperation of the sheep and goats will also begin…………

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  1. Christianity Targeted! Memo To Biden: Resolve This #1 “National Security Threat” Or Else! – Socio-Economics History Blog

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