Revelation Reveal! World Economic Forum: It’s Time For Human Cyborgs & Child Improving Brain Chips!

So, just when you thought there was no further that Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum could go to stomp on God, Country and Family…you’d be wrong! Their latest presentation and handy dandy YouTube video goes further than ‘you’ll own nothing and be happy’. This time around it goes to ‘you’ll be a cyborg and be much happier than your insignificant God created human form’! Yes, you too, even if you’re perfectly healthy can be a far better version of yourself; proudly brought to you by the devil’s shill himself, Klaus Schwab! Welcome to trans-humanism 101 and the end of the video will go to show you EXACTLY what they are intending on implementing – REVELATION REVEALED!

Digital Anti-Christ Government Is Now Formed And Biden Just Issued Executive Order To Help It Rise!

The World Government Summit just gave us one of the most eerie looks into prophecy being realized that we have seen to date. The digital Anti-Christ now has a face, a message, and a mission. This is a look into the future we all knew was coming, but now is rapidly moving to the forefront on reality. From Trans-humanism to AI governance; they are ‘hell bent’ on destroying God’s creations, piece by piece.

BEWARE! Children Of God, Of Many Faiths, They Are Coming For All Of Us! Biden Closes In On ‘Red Dragon’ War!

BEWARE! Children Of God, Of Many Faiths, They Are Coming For All Of Us! Biden Closes In On ‘Red Dragon’ War! The history of religious persecution is not only repeating itself, it is taking on size and scale well beyond what most are discussing. There is a Red Dragon on the horizon, it is consuming everything in it’s way; yet many God fearing people look the other way in hopes of avoiding the pain and agony it brings with it. In the interim, millions are persecuted, enslaved and stripped of their freedoms and what’s worse; we are allowing to happen in our own Nation as the head of the beast wags the tail of its subservient leaders who are fueled by hate, greed and longing for power. In the end they will suffer; but in the interim, we will.

Christianity Targeted! Memo To Biden: Resolve This #1 “National Security Threat” Or Else!

They actually wrote this memo; it is horrific, terrifying and absolutely unacceptable. If you are a “White Christian” you are now Public Enemy #1 and a “National Security Threat”…no this is not joke. The Secular Democrats of America have drafted a memo to Joe Biden outlining exactly what needs to be done to ‘deal with’ the radical religious right and demanding it be DONE NOW! When we’re done reviewing this information you will quickly realize they want us serving only one god…their god, the god of GOVERNMENT, that has no religion, no boundaries, no morals, no concern, no compassion, no love…just NOTHING but pure evil!