China’s XI Makes a SHOCKING Call To Putin, States Unthinkable! What Did He Seriously Just Admit To!?

December 30th, 2020

By: Justus Knight!

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On today’s broadcast:

A call was just made between China’s Xi Jinping And Russia’s Vladimir Putin that will send chills up your spine. These two world leaders exchange a cryptic message of veiled threats and indirect admissions of the unthinkable! We dug deep to find the appropriate interpretation of every one of the 1000 or so words to assure not detail was missed!

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Justus Knight

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6 replies

  1. One huge plandemic to force vaccines on us to track us and determine who can buy and sell through their coming CBDCs!

    The plan has always been to destroy fiat currency as they issue their CBDC! Bitcoin was run as a beta test to iron out the underlying blockchain for mass itroduction. Everything is converging in this last decade:

    The economic destruction coming from all this FED stimulus along with a second wave of “covid” lock downs combined with the civil unrest from all the lies the media are spinning out of this contested election will usher in the last 8 years that looks as though it will commence on or about the 20th anniversary of 9/11:


    • YEA,AFTER YOU TAKE THE VACCINE,you are NO longer a human,you are now a GMO human,the property of BILL GATES,and are NOW a slave to their BEAST SYSTEM,..OH AND NO LONGER ABLE TO ENTER HEAVEN WITH THE LORD,your the property of your new DADDY SATAN,and thats just the TIP of the iceburg of whats going to happen to you…


  2. NO ONE will ever admit where the WINTER FLU “OR SHOULD WE CALL IT THE VIRUS”CAME FROM…THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ..where every known desease came from,THE US ARMY BIO-WARFARE CENTER AT “FT.DETRICK,MARYLAND” everything can be laided at their feet,THE CHINESE AND RUSSIANS KNOW IT TOO….americans are guilty of crimes against humanity,WAR CRIMES,and the LIST OF TREASON,is longer then your arm…GET READY FOR WAR,the criminals controling america won’t go down with out a fight..THEY WILL USE THE POLICE GANGS AND THEIR MILITARY AGAINST THE PEOPLE HERE,they know most americans are sound asleep AND WON’T KNOW WHAT HIT THEM….


    • You are absolutely correct. America and Israel have rained down pure evil on the rest of the world. Countries do not hate us for our Freedoms ( cough cough). They hate America for stealing all their wealth and resources, then installing their puppet Traitors to run their governments.
      The Mass of the People are in LaLa Land. They believe everything, without a thought, what the TV tells them


  3. As in the days so shall it be in the latter days.
    There is hope if we love truth and are willing to take a stand.


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