Monetary Mayhem Charts Illustrate How Covid-19 Has & Will Cause Financial Fatality & Economic Obliteration!

May 8th, 2020

By: Justus Knight co-host of Restricted Republic (Click Here To Join)

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On today’s broadcast:

It cannot be understated, the depth of monetary collapse caused by the trojan horse of Covid-19.  In the video provided we will review several economic indicators that all point in the same direction…to the financial grave.  There are multiple data points converging that illustrate the true impact of Covid-19 as it relates to destruction of consumer confidence, demolition of  small business and the reaction of banking systems throughout the country.  This video will help you prepare for what’s coming and it definitely does not paint an economic masterpiece.

God Speed and God Bless,

Justus Knight

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Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 5.16.03 AM

Referenced Sources:!/article/57376/global-fed-versus-treasury-in-a-there-is-no-limit-tango

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  1. Monetary Mayhem Charts Illustrate How Covid-19 Has & Will Cause Financial Fatality & Economic Obliteration! — Justus Knight News – Life, Death and all between

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