Russia To Force The UNTHINKABLE – This Would Give George Orwell Nightmares!

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Russia has taken new measures to assure the are no longer just living in Orwell’s shadow but rather take center stage in his Orwellian Hell Show.  Not only now following but in many way surpassing China, Russia is preparing to implement a surveillance web unlike any other.  Watch this one closely, it’s coming to our shores very, very soon.

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5 replies

  1. Can you give my the link to to to the 2nd part of this video for the complete story. I can’t seem to find it.
    the one about “Russia to force unthinkable….”

    Tthak you,
    Alice Geer


  2. You indicated there is a second part of this video., How do I get to that video You said it is on RestrictedNews but I caoul not find it.


  3. Oh come on, JK. We all know that this fellow is not the real Putin.
    The real Putin actually stood for Russia. This chappie is a globalist puppet who will go to war in a heartbeat.


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