AG BARR ‘Found Something’! Shockwaves Rip Through THE SWAMP As Russia Hoax Goes Criminal DEEP STATE ‘Lawyers Up’!

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Trump has his hands on the Swamp drain plug and is almost ready to pull it if we can keep him safe long enough.  The long awaited FISA report is continually delayed, but now we realize for good reason!  AG BARR expands Durham’s power and it sends shockwaves through the SWAMP and has Deep State agents scattering for lawyers!  Here are all the pieces falling into place, and the story you need to know to understand the history in the making! 

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8 replies

  1. I guess that means more mass shootings are on the way?


  2. NO ONE I KNOW will be happy till these TRAITORS are hanged in a PUBLIC EXECUTION,IF trump doesn’t do that ,THERE WILL BE A LOT OF BLOOD IN THE STREETS OF THIS COUNTRY….


  3. Yeah, right. How many times have we heard “Something’s about to happen! People are going down!”? I’ll believe it when I see it.


  4. I’ve been waiting for the FISA report to drop for awhile now. Just about run out of patience. Fully locked and loaded for whenever Antifa wants to come out and play.


  5. I’ll believe it when I see it. Trump and his admin have had all the evidence against the corrupt deep state players from the time Trump came into office- then you have Weiners laptop and Hillary’s emails with evidence of deep state corruption, sex trafficking and pedophilia. Trump should have acted before now and as a result of either his being compromised or cowardice, the Dems are going to impeach him and launch a crusade against his supporters.


  6. Send this guy $20 NOW! I know he’s not here to make money and he has secret info that only HE knows!
    It’s on his “special site” and he’ll give you a great price to get in on that info there.
    Q has been saying for several years that it’s about to go down! Send them money too!
    Give until it hurts people, This guy has the goods and if you want in on it it’s only fair you cough up the dough!


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