China CHECKMATE!?! This ‘Rare KILL SWITCH’ Would HALT U.S. MILITARY, Defense, Phones & Computers In SECONDS!

Please watch the video below for the full story! 

If you think you know all the ‘elements’ of the Trump / China trade war; think again!  There is a very rare portion to the discussions that control more than anyone realizes.  Unfortunately for the U.S. in the short term; China nearly completely controls it!  This rare kill switch would immediately halt any forward progress of our military, defense, phones and computers in seconds.  To learn more, tune in…it is something everyone needs to understand!

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  1. The IDIOTS brought it upon themselves. They GAVE our technology to China, SOLD our rare earth minerals to China and now they are acting surprised? Gimme a break. No one who loves their country allows military equipment manufacturing to be outsourced. FOLLOW THE MONEY… to the Bush/Clinton/Obama cartel? The corrupt military-industrial complex?


  2. THE CHINESE AND RUSSIANS AREN’T COMING,THEIR HERE IN FORCE…I’ve talked to them AT WALMART,their here and Bragging what their going to do,AND THERE ain’t no men to stand up…ALL YOU WOMEN,you wanted every piece of shit running everything,YOU GOT IT,but because your no where near as smart as you think you are,YOUR GOING TO GET SOMETHING ELSE,..TAKEN INTO SLAVERY,and I can’t say you don’t have it coming,YOU certainly do,but the death of so many will also happen,YOU WOMEN screwed yourselves,your family,your children,and worse of all your country…ENJOY THE BLOODBATH YOU CAUSED.its going to be the worse in history,you stupid women will get to see your children and family laying in the front yard BLACK FLAG DEAD..AND THEIR BLOOD will be on you….


    • Right on, there all useless eater leftist liberals and they are all deserving of death and death is what they will get. I for one will not lift one pinky to come to there aid when it begins let them all eat poop and die


    • Wow Arizona take a chill pill and try to confront your anger issues.


    • Women and leftists have assured us that they are equal to and better than men. But since most men are gay or gay sympathizers now, women just may have a point because most of them are too.


    • Don’t bother getting married while women have rights. It will just destroy your life.
      Wait until after the blood bath takes its natural course and feminism is no longer. Biblical marriage has been outlawed so marriage can’t work.


  3. Amen… dead on and Biblical Arizona!!!
    Isaiah 3 (Whole Chapter… but especially Verse 12 and 16-26) is all about those “Haughty Women”!!!
    And speaks directly to the Destruction of those Effeminate/Emasculated Men also!!!!
    Babylon’s end is so near!!!
    Good to see you still at it!!!


      • i agree with you , its the feminization and sodomizing of men and women to go contrary to Gods warnings about this abominable behavior, we are almost at the end. Remember this, these fools really believe they will murder all of Gods People to cleanse the world of our filthy Christianity which they despise. What the satanic lucerferian fools don’t even understand,we will be here till the very end and watch Christ return on the clouds of Glory, and every one who has pierced him will mourn and wail on that day while trying to hide themselves in the dens and rocks , but it want help them one bit, they are all going into judgement to be cast into eternal hell fire, there final resting place to be tormented.

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