The World’s Most DEVASTATING WEAPON Has Now Been AIMED At The HEARTLAND Of America!!

Please watch the video below for the full story! 

There are many weapons in the world but none even close to as devastating as the one that has now been aimed at the Heartland of America.  It is an enemy we know all too well but yet have done little to curtail the devastation they are about to unleash.  There will be no turning back once the final sequence begins and launch commands fully executed.  This is an attack that we could never afford to allow but yet we have ignored all the warning signs leading up the laser precision of what could go down as the most destructive and divisive attack on any Country in the history of the world.

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  1. So the flooding in the mid west now could be a retaliation of the foreign interests using weather weapons to destroy us, by starving us out and economically breaking us. If this is so, it is outrageous and we must defend ourselves by the means that best suite this attack. We could prove this by various radar devices that pick up frequency waves to create these storms in our atmosphere. I say cut these foreign entities off, get them out of our country, they don’t want trade, they want domination and our land, the Chinese have over crowded themselves and don’t have the land left to grow food to feed their nation, now they want ours, by very deceptive means, they lie! We need to turn the tables on them and starve them out.


  2. If you have the ability, buy land. It’s the only true wealth.



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