Juror DEMAND To Monsanto LAWYER: ‘YOU DRINK ROUNDUP If It’s So Safe!!’ $2 BILLION Judgement!

Please watch the video below for the full story! 

Bayer is in a tailspin as another jury awards them a HUGE defeat for their Monsanto product Roundup.  This most recent victim of the controversial product is awarded $2 BILLION!!  Although no amount of money is enough to settle a CANCER diagnosis there was a ray of light in the proceedings.  A juror stated that one of Monsanto’s lawyers, who claims the product is ‘safe’; should drink it…the juror however wasn’t the only one to request this of a representative of Monsanto / Bayer…the full story in the video!!

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  1. I was listening to Mike Adams yesterday, and he was saying that the chemical makeup of glyphos ate is very similar to that of VX nerve gas.



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