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A disclosure is on the near horizon.  Terminations, resignations, reclassification of UFO sightings by the Navy, Space Force, MITRE/JASON dismissal, unclassified and re-classified information tell the tale.  For those of you that still do not believe.  For those of you that still think we are the ONLY that exist.  For those of you that have not read biblical scripture that states exactly what was, what is and what is coming…be prepared to understand exactly how the truth is being hidden and have your eyes opened wide.

Recent events have only added to the certainty that we ARE NOT ALONE and the ever increasing voices of reality are demanding answers and action.  I am about to illustrate to you many elements of what the government once declared FALSE, FAKE and CONSPIRACY…not their own information, via FOIA requests prove that they have explored things that were once bound to the science fiction like Star Trek and Star Wars.  Welcome to science fact and my position that a disclosure is on the near horizon.

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  1. Justus,


    Yellow cake sale to Russia! Most people have no idea. The signature from an exploded bomb will lead right back to the country of origin. We keep a tab on all known urainium deposits world wide. The countries that do not produce plutonium for bombs we have produced and will know if they use a weapon in the future. Handing Russia that urainium has put the U.S. in the victim crosshairs for a false flag. Russia could now nuke china or the U.N. and sit back and watch the show. On top of that we handed them fission material that can be used on us. This is an act of traitors and they must hang!




    Sent: Friday, April 26, 2019 at 12:17 PM


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