Government Contract Puts Facebook On ‘Burn List’ And Ushers In Creation Of U.S. Beast System!

Government Contract Puts Facebook On ‘Burn List’ And Ushers In Creation Of U.S. Beast System!

Please watch the video below for the full story!

DARPA has now officially contracted the building on American’s version of Tencent’s WhatsApp; the ultimate Government control arm that China has now moved to make the ONE ID for money, identification, tracking and EVERYTHING needed to 100% control their population.  Their Facebook patsy Zuckerberg must have not been moving fast enough for our FEDS, so they have taken matters into their own hands by contracting the building of RACE; our version of WhatsApp…THIS IS NOT GOOD!

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  1. JUSTIN,americans want a BLOODBATH war,and when its over their won’t be many survivors,NOW you can’t tell the women,they think its a cartoon,and after their shot,they’ll just get back up and dust themselves off and go back to being the stupid whores they are,ONLY we know THATS not how it ends after you’ve been shot,the Chinese and Russian military are here and just waiting for orders to attack,HOW many americans will be ready to fight,or believe the war has started,TILL THEY SEE THE ENEMY TROOPS coming down the streets,thats whats coming my friend..BE smart,DO NOT GO ANYWHERE UNARMED,this could start tomorrow,or anyday now..BUT all the foreign military aren’t here to give americans kisses and hugs…..


  2. JUSTIN,I can’t find a Paypal or any way to donate to you guys,should we help By giving to lisa or no..let me know.Oh your pateron does not work….



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