If What You Are About To See Does Not Wake Everyone Up…America Is Truly OVER!

What they just did is so deplorable and despicable if it doesn’t wake up every American, no matter what party you identify as it may be truly too late for all of us.  I can’t explain to you enough the efforts in play to create fake hate, fake race wars, and fake dissension.  The real effort, however, is that to make us feel as if we are all in the minority rather than the actual majority we all are.  Yes, THAT INCLUDES YOU, don’t let them, any longer, make us feel otherwise.

What would happen to all their efforts if we all suddenly realized the globalist machine works day and night to keep up suppressed and silent.  It works continually to assure we feel powerless and weak.  What happens if we wake up…and all races, colors, and religions realize we are only different through their deceptions and in reality we all desire the same good…their facade crumbles and the truth will shine through!

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  1. So right. The socialists are not the majority yet. Unfortunately given time they will be. We are in a war for our freedom. If we don’t stand up against evil it will win by default. I pray that the corruption and evil will be exposed for all to see and judge. People will no longer be able to sit on the fence and feel comfortable. With all the forces aligned against us it seems like David vs Goliath. David chose five smooth stones because Goliath had four brothers. He declared to Saul that God would deliver Goliath into his hands. We need the courage that faith can give us to fight and if need be go down facing the enemy.


  2. All it takes is a flight over this amazing nation to realize that it can and will function without Congress, the bureaucracies and the media (the real Useless Eaters). MILLIONS of people get up every day, go to work or school and keep this nation running like clockwork. Trump is the only one who sees us and honors us.


  3. THE NUMBER OF COMMIES in america are in the 80% RANGE RIGHT NOW,AMERICA HAS ALREADY BEEN LOST,the people are blinded by ignorance,and willful stupidity,THATS right,ITS YOUR WOMEN,CHILDREN and familys who are the commies,and with these new RED FLAG gun laws,YOUR NEXT,if you won’t prepear to fight your HERO’S,then get ready to die,their all in bed together,the police gangs,military and government agents,THEY ARE ALL THE MINIONS OF SATAN,most of you will learn this after its to late to save your selves,The FEMA DEATH CAMPS will be over flowing here soon,I know you all are in denial,and think its a river in egypt,ITS just another thing your wrong about,REALITY IS, IF THE GOVERNMENT is allowed to slide one more inch your all dead…AND it won’t be an easy death…ASK THE COUPLE IN HOUSTON about the police gangs there,OH ,thats right you can’t..they were killed by your piece of shit hero’s,..SATANS WOLFPACK,wolves in sheeps clothing….



  1. Links 276-Justus Knight on Creeping Socialism | Cindy's Zone 2

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