The Silent Poison That Is Killing America:  Were You Exposed To It Today!

Headline reads…Hate, Racism, Bigotry, Fear and ultimately falsehood.  What if most of America wasn’t actually full of hate?  What if the majority of America was actually peaceful God fearing people?  What if American’s actually loved their Country and the  Americans?  Blasphemous thoughts that better not dare be uttered or else risk being charged treason against the globalist agenda! 

If we have all of the above them the globalist agenda can never destroy America…no how could they ever make such a thing happen?…they do it everyday…just read your fake news headlines and realize the hoax designed to destroy a Nation!

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  1. HAHAHA,americans peacefull,hahaha,YOU GUYS REALLY NEED TO ASK THE LORD ABOUT THAT,he’ll tell you YOUR COUNTRY is the most EVIL DEMONIC COUNTRY IN HISTORY..ITS MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT,only I live here and I don’t think theres anything great about it,unless you love demons and aliens,AND apparently everyone in america does,they love Hillary,OBAMA,the son of perdition,and the list is a long one….THE LORD says 90% of americans have BOTH FEET inside the gates of hell right now,and that number may rise if the churches don’t wakeup fast,HE’LL send them to hell too,THE WHOLE country is watching the police gangs murder children,and the government pass laws making it OK,WAKE UP MY FRIENDS,or you’ll be going with them,THERE are a lot of places YOU NEVER want to go and hell is one of them,its by far the worse,yet the schools teach the children its a great place,YOU know where their all going,IS THERE ANY OF YOU PEOPLE who understand WHY every country on earth hates AMERICA???..THERE ALL LINING UP TO ATTACK YOU…IF stupid were airplanes,every driveway in america would be an INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT…..


  2. OH,and let me tell you about your HERO’S, satans wolfpack..THE LORD showed me the police gang pulling over TWO YOUNG GIRLS,one was 16 and her sister was 14,THE POLICE GANG pulled them out of their car and took them to a closed down WALMART on the edge of the city,they handed the girls to the guards there and collected their money for them,THEN the guards took the girls to the back of the building where there was small rooms and straped them into chairs,THE GUARDS THEN TOOK A SHARP KNIFE AND CUT THEIR THROAT,draining their blood into containers,I didn’t understand why they would kill the girls for their blood,SO THE LORD showed me whats going on,then I heard HILLARY and all your rich hero’s DRINK IT TO MAKE THEM YOUNG AND APPEAR HEALTHY LOOKING,like the whore Hillary does,shes a DEVIL and thats why no one says a thing,AMERICANS LOVE HILLARY,and they hate children,WELL your all going to lose your LIFE for protecting these animals you love so dearly,and more then deserve whats coming on you.YOU CHOSE THE FILTH OF THE EARTH OVER OUR LORD,every person in america will pay dear for that..ENJOY YOUR LIFE..its about to end……


  3. Asbestos in baby powder is not a hoax and maybe not a conspiracy. Talc as a mineral may occur naturally (in nature) near asbestos minerals in particular types of metamorphic rocks. Asbestos is a fibrous mineral and can even form outcrops. Hence it is possible to mix the two while mining if not being careful. Of course they should be careful. This is an old problem.


  4. Talc is a naturally occurring mineral. In nature, it may occur near mineral called asbestos in metamorphic rocks. Hence it is possible to mix the two in the mining process. There are also other fibrous minerals, that may look like decomposing wood. Finding asbestos in talcum powder is not new, but unfortunate. Better quality control should be required.


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