Breaking Video: Actions Of Google, Facebook & Twitter Forces Justus Knight To Deliver This Message!


A new tape has just been released showing independent journalist Justus Knight held against his will at an undisclosed location.  The tape was delivered to a PO Box earlier today with the words “Justus Knight’s Critical Message Declaring How ‘Conspiracy’ Theorists, Conservatives and Fake News are spreading a false agenda.”  It is readily apparent by watching the video Mr. Knight is being held captive and forced to give this testimony against his will.  His captors can be seen throughout the recording and obvious voiceovers are provided when Mr. Knight resisted delivering portions of the message.

WARNING:  We believe this coerced message is meant to deliver ‘their’ ideal message based on the actions they have taken against any alternative media that goes against the status quo and/or global line agenda.  If you are sensitive to the truth and a real view of what the future may look like do not watch this video.  It is a verbal and graphic REPRESENTATION of what, if we do not change our path, our dark future will shape up to be.

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  1. You brought it home on this one Justus, God bless you and keep you in His care, I pray for you, for us, for our constitutionalist Christian conservative leadership, media, churches and for the children and Christians throughout the world suffering and dying every day. Thank you for being a voice of common sense and reason. Stay strong in your mission!


  2. No update on this, Justin?



  1. Breaking Video: Actions Of Google, Facebook & Twitter Forces Justus Knight To Deliver This Message! – Justus Knight - smith

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