China Warns Of ‘Accidental’ War:  AI Arms Race Could Start WW3:  ‘Accidentally’ Of Course.?!

China is often full of lies and empty threats, but how much truth is in their newest warning?  They have now issued statements declaring that AI could ‘accidentally’ set off WW3.  The robots pushing the trigger to armed conflict or nuclear destruction: a thought that just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside doesn’t it.?!

Are they launching a pre-emptive campaign to cover their tracks in the event they do launch a war against another country so they can simply say ‘oops..we told you, our AI did it!’.  The truth usually lies somewhere in between and other times it’s just a further web of deceit, lies, and text.

Be ready for today’s broadcast ripped straight from the craziness found all throughout today’s headlines.

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