Did They Trick You?  Majority Of Americans Support This Attack On Our Freedoms In 2019?!

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You would not be alone if you have fallen for their propaganda attack!  You would not be alone if you have been deceived into believing this attack was good for America.  You would not be alone if you stood on the sideline and watched as our Freedoms get taken away.

To understand the actuality of Net Neutrality is to understand it is a dictatorial tactic to seize control of the last of the dissenting voices against the globalist cabal.  IT IS NOT NEUTRAL in any way, shape or form.  This was lobbied for by the Tech Titans for profits and control.  Yet they sold it to the American people as a way to stop the ISPs from censoring us; yet THEY CENSORED (and continue to) US!!

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  1. I’ve tried to hammer this point home on newspaper comments sections when the Obama administration signed off on it a few years back, even telling liberals that social media wants to censor just as much, if not more than ISPs. ISPs are at least still profit driven, whereas social media, even though they take in a ton of revenue, apparently struggle to make money.


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