1/2 Our Military Believes This Is Going To Happen In 2019…Let’s Pray It Doesn’t!

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When over half of your active military men and women believe this is going to happen in 2019 you better listen.  They aren’t only reacting to news and talking heads; they are seeing, first hand, what is building behind the scenes.  Then, a report comes out that confirms their entire thinking.

The broadcast will cover the grim details of what we may face next year.  We must stay informed to remain prepared.  Then we must pray to assure what they feel is inevitable; never happens.

God Speed and God Bless,


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  1. MY friend,YOU might want to seek the LORD for the correct answers,THE USA is a terrorist nation,they promote the death of the saints and they love killing christians,BUT the final straw in the oatmeal is their sticking their nose into ISRAELS business,DIVIDING THE LORDS LAND,will be the end of america………


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