It’s A “Silent Slaughter” – China Unleashes Next Wave Of Devastating Lockdown!

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‘It will never happen here’…’It’s their business we need to stay out of it’…’They are a communist country we are a free republic’…have you heard these lines before in the middle of your argument about how the Chinese reign of censorship terror is impacting the United States?  I have! 

It should be all but undeniable at this point for every American to know that China’s long arm of censorship extends well into our borders; however, it still seems to go unpunished.  Now they have even reached into our video game industry and are demanding games be censored to meet their standards, and compliance is immediate.  From the airlines to tech titans to even the all American GAP; all are complying with China’s demands.  So, once again, are we truly free of their long arm of censorship and wishes for global domination…ABSOLUTELY NOT!

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4 replies

  1. China has its facial recognition up and running… and we’re just starting!


  2. The United States of America was in fact a free Republic once upon a time, but it is now a Communist bureaucracy. Trump appears to be doing a valiant job of trying to clean up the communism, but it may take more direct action than he can do.


  3. Well I agree with you overall especially Taiwan it’s actually good to see some moral kick back on the trash the USA proliferates…read Bitter Winds to see some of China’s past


  4. Why not ask Senator Dianne Finestine how she feels about China’s suspression of free speech. China has made the Senateor filthy rich from business deals she and her husband conducts. Why she even had a Chinese spy as her personal driver for 20years. Go back and look how Former senator Harry Reed and his family have sold out to china. This list goes on. Communist china dose what any communist county would do. Blame the treason for inside our own government.


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