‘Designer Baby’ Zombie Science Now Authorized For Human Testing – Pandora’s Box Is Officially Open!

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If you think they have all the answers of what this science will do; THEY DO NOT!  The science community is warning of potential cancer-causing implications…they have been ignored!  The science community is warning of the potential for mass mutation…they have been ignored!  The science community is warning that it will miss its target and degenerate entire strands of incorrect DNA…they have been ignored.

So when the science goes wrong and mutates an entire human body…the tech goes from ‘designer baby’ science to a ‘zombie creation’ science…it’s really not a stretch from reality!  This is a weapon of mass destruction, plain and simple and it can destroy the entire human race if left unstopped.  Pandora’s Box is officially open and NO ONE is doing anything to stop it!

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